Welcome to the Muso coin initial release

We are inviting 1440 Musicians to donate 30 seconds of music for the worlds 1st experiment in music to coin minting!


Having a great idea is one thing, but making it a reality is quite something else.

That’s why we have devised a cunning plan to jump start the MUSO coin, and get the Mint going. Once complete, you will be able to buy, sell & trade your MUSOs and Musibytes for FREE.

What! No gas!

That’s right!

That’s what makes the MUSO ecosystem so unique.

And there’s more!

We will be introducing a new kind of NFT (digital asset) called the Musibyte. these unique Virtual objects offer some great functionality for musicians, and will be tradable on a special Musibyte Marketplace. Artists can control their listings and sell Musibytes across all major NFT platforms. (3rd party fees may be incurred).

Fans who own multiple bytes can act as agents for musicians by selling their Musibytes and generating revenue for themselves and the original artist.

The artist can even payout to their most dedicated fans through their Musibyte collections.

All of this is without incurring any fees.

That’s right. FREE!

What's the Plan

In this experiment we are going to mint 10 Million coins, backed by 12 hours of music.

The MUSO ICO follows a cunning blueprint. For each hour of music, we will mint a round of 900,000 coins that then become available for the public to buy using Credit Card, PayPal, or their Coinbase Wallet.

Pre-sales Coin packs

Available from the exchange.


price is set to begin public trading at $0.10.

The initial round of MUSOs will be priced at just $0.10.

As each hours worth of coins sell out, so the price of the MUSO increases incrementally, until the final hour, where it will be pegged 1:1 against the dollar. This incentive encourages early supporters, who get a get deal on their coins and the chance to get involved with the MUSO coin project.

Just 12 hours of music

Each artist Dontates just 30 seconds of music, by filling in our ICO application form. Music from 120 artists produces  An hour of MUSIC will mint 900,000 MUSO coins. These are transferred to the MUSO exchange, where they are available for purchase using Credit card, PayPal,Bank Transfer, or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more..

As we sell more coins so we progress through the MUSO road map. When a round of coins sells out, we release a new update to our MUSO services.

This is split into 4 main objectives:


The MUSO exchange & user accounts
Deployment of  Smart contracts
Release of the Musibyte Musical NFT
Launch of the Musibyte Marketplace

The Lowdown

Let’s get down to the details

STAGE 1: The MUSO – Web Wallets & Exchange

1-3 hours

In the first stage we will launch the MUSO coin on our blockchain ledger. This will allow the MUSO to be traded for FREE within our system.

Users will be able to register for either an artist or fan account. Everyone gets a special web wallet to store their MUSO and Musibyte collections. The exchange will be ready for people to buy & sell MUSO coins.

Stage 2 – Smart Contracts & Payments

4-6 hours

The second stage will prepare our special NFT Smart Contracts. This will allow users to make full use of our FREE micropayment System.

Smart contracts allow musicians to automatically claim an ongoing percentage royalty whenever their Musibytes are traded. They can also payout to  fans who own their Musibytes through the same technology.

These NFT Smart contracts will integrate with existing standards, so in future Musibytes can be listed on services such as Open Sea and Mintible.

Stage 3 – Musibyte NFt Release

7-9 hours

The Musibyte NFT will see its first incarnation in the third stage. Users will be able to begin to interact with the object and experiment with power ups.

This stage will focus on three key areas of Musibyte development;

We will also be reaching out to more online music services to build partnerships that will benefit Musibyte owners.

Stage 4 – The Musibyte NFT Market Place

10-12 hours

In the final stage we will release a fully operational Musibyte Marketplace.

Musicians will be able to define the number of bytes listed, and the cost of each one. In the final hour the MUSO will sell at 1:1 on the dollar

Note: a beta version of the Musibyte Market will be available for ICO holders to trade.

The Strategy

For each hour we need 120 artists to come on board. As they donate their music so we can begin to mint new coins and list them on the exchange.


The initial coins are different from the standard MUSO tokens. Each hour is pegged at a specific price below the dollar. This increases each round, until the final hour, when the MUSO coins sells at 1:1 against the dollar. This means we are offering cheaper coins to early supporters.

However, these initial coins are different from standard MUSOs.
Each coin can only be traded for a single Musibyte.

The artist will receive the value of the MUSO at the price that is was purchased. This means that as the ICO progresses we will sell more expensive coins, which will pay out more money per byte to participating artists.

Key Ponts

MUSOs that are withdrawn maintain their purchase value.

So if a MUSO is bought for $0.10, then it will payout the artist $0.10 also. Specific withdrawal fees apply for each coin.

Once we reach the final hour, the MUSO will reach its intended price, and the Musibyte Market will be fully operational.

In the final hour we will release MUSO coins at their intended price of $1. At this stage artists will be able to modify their listings and set the price for their Musibytes.

However, the Initial coins will always be traded on a 1:1 basis for any Musibytes, regardless of the price set.

Coin Distribution

From the 12 hours of coins that will be minted, the first 2 will be reserved for private investors.

This will provide a funding pool for the platforms initial development. From this round we will pay out 25% of the funds raised to participating artist as we test the system.

Subsequent hours will mint coins that will be publicly available to buy.

These initial coins are special as they can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis with an artists Musibyte.

What no Stake?

Unlike some blockchain platforms, we do not offer a staking model. Instead we keep the value inside the system by making our initial coins attractive for Musibyte investors and fans. An artist can use these coins as payouts to fans like any normal MUSO coin, but the exchange rate of each one is always the same as the original purchase price.

As MUSOs are paid out, the Initial Coins will be removed from the system and placed in a special vault. As new music mints new regular coins so the ICO coins can be removed from circulation. This is call burning coins.

The result is that we can launch the MUSO coin platform and provide some great Musibyte utility for Musicians. And we only need artists to donate 30 seconds of music in order for us to achieve it!


1440 Artists

$5 Million

The MUSO coins from Musibyte transactions are transferred into an artist web wallet. From there they can withdraw them into PayPal, Bank, or any other crypto wallet address. Alternatively, they can trade them on the system for other artists bytes.


Cash Payouts

Even though we will be offering the first MUSO coins at a discounted rate, we will still be paying out nearly $5 Million to participating artists.

With a maximum payout of $7500 and an average payout of $3,300. That’s not bad for donating just 30 seconds of music.

Plus, that excludes any royalty payments generated by secondary Musibyte sales.

Minted Musibytes

Additionally, each artist will be given 7500 Musibytes that will enter into circulation and traded for without fees  on the Musibyte Market place.

Musibytes can be powered up to energize revenue generation from a number of external sources. For more info check the Mint.

Buying MUSO Coins

Presently we are selling initial coin packs designed to suit all kinds of music enthusiast.

From the Dedicated Fan to the Savvy Investor, we have a range of offers starting from as little as $50.

Visit the Exchange for full details.


Presently we are accepting musical donations for original music. Once  we have 360 artists registered, we will close out pre-sales coin pack offerings, and begin to sell the first round of Muso coins.

Visit the Mint for Full Details


Pre-release Coin packs will be converted into coins and owners will be given a window of opportunity to purchase bytes from artists before the general release of MUSO coins to the wider public. So get in early, Purchase your coin packs from the exchange today!

Paypal, Credit Card, and Cryptocurrencies accepted.

ICO Pricing and Fees




Note. MUSO coins can be traded on for an artists NFT on a 1:1 basis.

*Notice that the cheaper the coin the higher the withdrawal fee. In this way our initial coins hold more value when traded for a Musibyte then when simple withdrawn. This encourages fans to trade their MUSOs for Musibytes, and Artists to use these early coins as payout for fans who promote their work. The aim is to increase the circulation of MUSOs and Musibytes and distribute them throughout the existing NFT market places.

The Road Map

Now that we have gone through the MUSO token release, let’s look in detail at some of the exciting features that will become available to fans and musicians at each stage of the program.

Every hour something new happens...

For every hour of music we can mint 900,000 coins. As each hour sells out so we will release the next step on out road map.

STAGE 1: Setup

1st Hour – The ICO

The initial release of the MUSO coin is powered by the first round of coin sales. We are currently offering pre-sales packs on the exchange. So actually this stage has already been completed.

2nd Hour – The Mint

We have already produced the MUSO mint. If you visit the exchange, you can see the number of minted coins. The mint is currently operational on our testing server, and we are now looking for artists to donate enough music so we can fire up the live version. We need 240 artists to in order to begin minting coins.

Sales from the first 2 hours of minting are reserved by us. These MUSOs will be used for promotion and for initial investors. From any revenue raised we will pay out 25% to participating Artists.

The payouts from these coins will be determined by the amount of capital raised from their sale.

fans and artist

3rd Hour – User Accounts

This is where things first start to get interesting. We will launch the first user accounts. Each user will be given a FREE wallet address that will store MUSOs. These initial wallets will allow users to buy, sell, and transfer MUSO coins, just like any other crypto currency.

Each artist will have a page that features their musical donation. Fans will be able audition the track and pre-purchase an Artist’s Musibytes. These will be traded on a 1:1 basis with any MUSO coin.

STAGE 2: Blockchain Contracts

simple signup

4th Hour – Smart contracts

Next we will develop and deploy the blockchain contracts for the Musibytes NFTs. This will be lay the ground work for our FREE Blockchain micro payment solution. During this stage we will begin to mint Musibytes.

Initially they will be represented as a simple image placeholder. This will be updated as the Musibyte is developed.

5th Hour – Authentication

The next part is to get our authentication processes automated and in place. This is important before as we begin to pay out funds to artists. We will utilize existing services and artist submitted account data to ensure that each minted offering is truly unique and is registered to the official artist.

We aim to form partnerships with organizations who are actively engaged in royalty collection for the music industry, who can help identify the official ownership of creative works.

6th Hour – Musibyte Royalties

At the half way point things start to get exciting. With the Musibyte Smart contracts, artists will be able to get paid into their MUSO Wallet, every time a Musibyte is Traded.

This hour concludes the second stage of the plan. Once complete we will have created all of the components needed to mint, buy, sell, & trade both MUSOs and Musibytes. Artists will get paid for any subsequent transactions, and fans should be able to sell the NFTs by listing them on any compatible marketplace.

STAGE 3: The Musibyte

musician with musibytes

7th Hour – Musibyte design upgrade

With the NFT contract in place the next step will be to develop the Musibyte. Thus far it has only been represented as a 2D image linked to an artist page. In this hour we will upgrade this to a 3D interactive model of the Musibyte. Whilst its function will be limited, it will be interactive to a users touch and able to audition the artist track.

The Musibyte offers a unique user interface that is used to power up sets of bytes, creating more valuable collections Users will be given a guided tour of how this works prior to the actual release of it full functionality.

types of rewards

8th Hour – Musibyte Functionality

In this hour we will take the Musibyte to the next level. We will be integrating as much user function as possible in this hour. Links to external services & sales portals, and modification such as special offers & gift will be some of the first things to be implemented. A full run down that explains how a Musibyte works and what it can do can be found in the Mint.

9th Hour – Musibyte integrations

By this stage the MUSO coin will have gained enough momentum for us to begin approaching other service operators in the music industry. With the boom in NFT blockchain technology, and online streaming, there are more an more services coming online who aim to increase an artist’s revenue. We will use data collected from Musibyte activities to identify key partnerships that will benefit participating artists.

Where appropriate will look at integrating the APIs of 3rd party services directly into the Artist’s dashboard. This will make it easier for musicians to access these platforms directly through their Musibyte collections.

STAGE 4: The Marketplace

10th Hour – Micro payments

One of the things that makes the MUSO coin ecosystem so unique its its ability to payout fans for helping to establish an artist. Our FREE micro payments system can deposit small amounts of MUSOs simultaneously into a large number of Musibyte owners wallets.

This hour will see the creation of a more advanced Musibyte UI, that will allow artist to execute MUSO payout to fans. There are a number of ways in which payout can be orchestrated to maximise their potential. Full details can be found in the Mint.

11th Hour – Artist Dashboard

As we near the completion of the MUSO ICO we will be adding more functionality to the Artists dashboard. This is in preparation for the launch of the Musibyte Exchange. From the Artists Dash, musician will be able to have far greater control of their Musibyte listings. From, minting tracks, to lists and setting up prices, all of this function will be consolidated into a single user interface.

strteaming revenue

12th Hour – The market

In the final hour we will launch the full version of the Musibyte Marketplace. At this stage the MUSO will be traded as a stable coin 1:1 against the dollar.

MUSOs sold at this stage will be the last to be traded on a 1:1 basis with the Musibyte. All subsequent coins will purchase Musibytes at the price set by the artist in the Marketplace.

The neat thing about the Musibyte Market is that users can buy, sell and trade, both MUSOs and Musibytes without incurring any transactions fees whatsoever. This FREE trading network encourages users to exchange coins and NFTs more frequently.

This means fans can build a more diverse collection of Musibytes, focusing on collecting music from the artists they love, without fear of being charge exorbitant fees.

An Artist can list large numbers of bytes and sell them at a low price, making the Musibyte affordable and accessible to most people.

Creating value

For us, increasing revenue from external sources is one of the most important keys offered by the Musibyte. Many other music blockchain platforms offer a variety of NFT minting services. From uploading and selling tracks, to developing smart contracts for automated revenue sharing. However, very few deal with the fundamental problem facing the music industry. The uneven distribution of funds.

The truth is the market predicts that most future music revenues will come from streaming. These are driven by subscriptions, which services like Spotify and iTunes are clear market leaders.

So how can smaller artists get a larger piece of the pie?

At the end there is no such thing as a free lunch, and making a success out of music, like many things, requires hard work.

Yet, as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

If an artist develops a close rapport with a small group of dedicated fans, could they work together to actually make a difference to that musician’s revenue? And in doing so get paid for their support?

Actually, from the hundreds of people we have spoken to in the record industry, its the only thing that ever has.

It is the support of fans that is the main driving factor behind the success of most small releases. Through initial purchases the artist can get listed in a higher position in various the charts. This draws attention to their music, which in turn drives sales.

That’s bottom line.

And it’s as simple as that.

As we begin to develop Musibyte trading, we will have our own special Musibyte charts that will highlight the best selling bytes!

The Next Steps

Are you as excited about the MUSO project as we are? There are a number of ways you can get involved right now!

Find out More

Educate yourself about the MUSO and MUSIBYTe NFT. Full details can be found at the Mint.

Buy MUSO Coins

Not a Musician but love music. You can support the project by purchasing one of our coins packs from the exchange.

Donate Music

We are looking for Artists to dontate 30 seconds of music. Fill out the form below.